KL-headshotKevin is a founder, shareholder and Director of Amiri Construction. He has been involved in construction in the region for more years than he cares to remember and is, if you ask anyone who knows him, the person with the most passion for building buildings that has ever been known! Kevin’s enthusiasm is infectious and a key element in the creation of the incredible team ethic and culture at Amiri Construction. However this isn’t just limited to the management and staff, it spills over to the clients, consultants and supply chain partners, all of whom become as committed to each and every project as Kevin is himself.

Kevin’s passion for building is probably equaled by his passion for everything he finds time to do in his personal life, whether that be with his children and grandchildren and their various activities, his running, playing football and watching all sports.

E: KevinLendon@amiriconstruction.co.uk
T: 01489 557700